Thorpe Woodlands Adventure Centre

Team Challenges

Thorpe Woodlands has over 20 different team building and problem solving challenges and most of our educational programmes will begin with these activities.

Each Team Challenge will focus on particular skills such as problem solving, communication, leadership, trust, cooperation, support etc. and instructors will ensure that groups work together effectively. Groups are encouraged to review their efforts and to think about how they could improve their performance as a team before moving on to the next challenge.

Team Challenges include:
Spiders Web
Trust Trail
Fuel Dump
King's Balance
Poison Pond
Mohawk Walk
Tight-rope triangle
Stepping stones
2-tyre ravine
Totem Pole
Towers of Hanoi
Trust V
The Wall
Mini Zip
Tarzan's Tyres
Platform Swing
Crate Escape
And lots more...

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