Thorpe Woodlands Adventure Centre

High Ropes Course

We have 6 different High Ropes Activities at Thorpe Woodlands, each offering different levels of challenge and excitement.

Tree Trekking Course
A self-belay, linear course where participants complete 8 different elements which are high up in the tree tops. Suitable for older groups.

Crate Stacking
A fun 'Team' activity where participants work together to build a huge tower of crates while standing on the top. When the tower eventually falls over the participants are left dangling and giggling in the air!

Vertical Challenge
An exciting activity where teams can work together or compete to conquer the nets and ladders of the vertical challenge.  Suitable for younger groups.

Trapeze/Leap of Faith
Participants climb to the top of the wobbly pole and jump to the trapeze bar which can be set at an appropriately challenging distance. If they miss they will have a brief but very exciting moment of free-fall before the rope pulls tight!

Zip Wire
Our huge zip wire will send you whizzing through the forest for 120m. The zip wire starts from the top of the climbing tower to enable easy access and full participation.

The powerfan is a short but scary activity which compliments the end of a climbing session. Participants are attached to a 'Drope' and take a big step off the 10m high platform. After a short free-fall a large fan kicks in and generates enough resistance to slow participants before landing. Heavier participants will fall more quickly so adults beware!

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